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Irys system


Optical mapping is a molecular technique producing fingerprints of large DNA molecules in order to construct genome wide maps. In this technology specific sequence motifs present in single DNA molecules are fluorescently labelled combined with uniform stretching and fluorescent imaging of these DNA molecules in thousands of channels on a nano-fluidic device called Irys.

This fluorescence imaging allows the construction of a patterned map showing the physical distances between occurring labelled sequence motifs over the single molecules.

With the Irys system “seeing is believing”, large structural variants including insertion and deletions, translocations and inversions can be analysed at genomic scale.  A favourable method thus for researchers interested in for example plant trait development, domestication, or polyploidy of plants.

The ability of optical mapping to assay long single molecules also nicely complements short –read sequencing technologies as well in all de novo genome reconstruction approaches.

In addition, optical mapping will be a great complementary technology for de-novo genome reconstruction which is in many cases still very fragmented due to existing limitations of short reads sequencing. Now genome improvements are feasible through incorporation of optical maps into existing sequences.

Technical Details

  • Bionano Irys V2 Optical mapping device
  • Tens of Gigagbases covering  optical mapping data per chip
  • Multi-sample option: 2 independent flowcells per chip
  • 13,000 parallel nano channels per flowcell
  • Optical data derived from large (hundreds of kilobases) DNA molecules
  • In house developed procedure to combine flow sorted nuclear DNA to get optical mapping data from largest possible DNA molecules


  • de-novo genome assembly
  • structural variant detection

 If you are interested in using this equipment, please contact us about sample requirements, experimental design and data analysis.


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Bionano Irys V2 Optical mapping device


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