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High resolution (cryo-)TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) JEM 2100


Transmission Electron Microscopy has many applications across a multitude of industry sectors. It allows 2D and 3D-imaging of the internal structure of a wide range of samples, providing morphologic and crystallographic information. It thereby enables the analysis of structure and texture at micrometer and nanometer scale. The cryo-setup enables to image wet samples with this technology. As a result, the CAT-AgroFood TEM platform is a powerful and flexible tool for studying a very broad range of materials and products.

Technical Details


  • High resolution 200 kV transmission electron microscope
  • GATAN US4000 digital camera (4K x 4K images)
  • Compustage for accurate and automated tilting
  • High-tilt specimen holder (tilting from -70° to 70°) for tomography
  • Software for automated recording of tilt series
  • JEOL TEMographyTM suite (Recorder, Composer and Visualizer)
  • SerialEM, Chimera, Image J
  • GATAN cryo-holder 


(HR-cryo-)TEM may assist in a wide range of research applications where (highresolution) structural characterization is needed in the areas of life sciences, food science, nanotechnology, material science, forensic analysis, metallurgy, semiconductors, environmental studies and many more.

Complementary Techniques

State-of-the-art facilities for sample preparation are available, among which:

  • Ultramicrotomes
  • Specimen trimming device
  • Carbon coater

Especially for cryo-samples:

  • FEI VitrobotTM Mark IV: a fully automated vitrification device for plunge-freezing of thin films of aqueous suspensions
  • Plunge freezing
  • High pressure freezing
  • Freeze substitution
  • Cryo-ultramicrotome

Available techniques

For high resolution analytical (cryo-) TEM and tomography, the JEOL JEM2100 is available. It can produce extremely high magnification images (up to 800,000x) with high resolution (up to 0.1 nm). JEOL JEM2100 has an acceleration voltage up to 200 kV and a 16 megapixel digital camera. The machine accommodates measurements under cryogenic temperatures, using the available cryo-holder and sample preparation equipment for imaging thin biological and other aqueous samples.

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