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Drying of sample material is a standard procedure in laboratories to obtain stable material that can be ground prior to analytical or biological work. Freeze drying is a technique based on the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process of sublimation. The advantage of this technique is the drying of material at very low temperature which minimize chemical and biological changes in the sample material.

Technical Details

The Zirbus Sublimator 15 freeze dryer has a medium capacity (approximately 8 kg water for each run) and has the possibility to additional cooling of the material during the drying process. This equipment is therefore suitable to dry different kind of solvents.

The equipment can be used for drying of sample materials prior to chemical analysis.

Because of its setting, this freeze dryer is not suitable for material used for consumption and taste, and not for material that is microbial, bacterial and viral.

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