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Mass directed auto purification system (preparative LC-MS)


The Waters Auto Purification HPLC/MS system (preparative LC-MS) provides users with the flexibility of using automated high-throughput runs for selective mass-directed fractionation. The configuration enables easy scale-up from:

  • analytical chromatography (micrograms)
  • semi-preparative chromatography (milligrams)
  • preparative chromatography (gram quantities)

In addition, a collection of columns (variety of sizes and chemistries) is available. The machine automates the collection of fractions detected by MS and or UV-VIS, tracks samples and fractions, and then presents the data in an easy-to-view format. The software can trigger collection using a variety of detector signals including:

  • PDA (UV/Visible)
  • Evaporative Light Scattering (ELSD)
  • MS
  • analog detectors

Technical Details



This system can be used for fast and mass directed purification of natural products extracts and new molecular entities important to food, pharmaceutical, agrichemical and other industries:

  • Primary metabolites
  • Secondary metabolites: phytonutrients and a broad range of other secondary metabolites 
  • Oligosaccharides
  • (Bio-active) peptides

Complementary Techniques

  • Grace Reveleris Flash system (designed to collect fractions of crude mixtures, using evaporative light scattering (ELSD) and UV detection)
  • MALDI-TOF MS (for further analysis of the isolated fractions)

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