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Orbitrap Q-Exactive HF-X


Proteomics by mass spectrometry using a Q-Exactive HFX


Sensitive and accurate protein identification and quantitation is done by separating and measuring peptide digests with a nanoLC - electrospray linked Q-Exactive HFX mass spectrometer. Proteins from highly diverse origin (e.g. viruses, micro-organisms, plants, mammals) can be characterized using this technique. Proteomics sample preparation protocols are present for identification as well as for quantitation proteomic research questions. The standard MS method used for quantitation is label-free quantitation but labelled samples (e.g. dimethyl labelling or TMT) can be measured as well. To facilitate optimal measurement of different sample complexities, different nLC gradient lengths can be chosen suitable for measuring simple (in 1/2 h gradient) to highly complex protein mixtures (> thousand(s) proteins / 2h gradient).

Next to our principal bottom-up peptide approach described above, large peptides (middle-down) and even complete proteins (top-down, for example IgG ) can be measured as well but will need some tweaking on the sample preparation level and on the instrument control.

Technical Details


  • Bottom-up, middle-down and top-down proteomics
  • Phospho-proteomics
  • Glyco-proteomics

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