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Simulation Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner (MRI dummy)


The simulation scanner has the same size, appearance and sounds as the real 3T MRI scanner of WUR. It is mostly used in functional MRI studies for training sessions to acquaint subjects with experimental procedures and the scanner environment. This improves data quality in subsequent real MRI examinations. In addition, it can be used to pretest whether subjects fit into the scanner and are comfortable. Also for patients a training session can reduce anxiety and thereby movement artefacts in a real MRI examination.

Technical Details

A workstation, speakers and a projector are part of the set-up, to administer sound (e.g. MRI sound) and visual stimuli (via back-projection) to subjects in the simulation scanner.

Complementary Techniques

This scanner is complementary to the 3T MRI Siemens Verio.

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Last edited by Oscar de Vos on 2021-11-25